Legends of Mitra Invitation Contest

  1. The user needs to join our discord server and invite by their own personal invite link. If you use the server’s invite link, then it will not count towards your invitation records. If you don’t know how to get your personal invite link for a server, then here’s the post which can help you generate one from our Discord server. Rewards will be mentioned later in this post.

After you followed all the steps, you need to submit the google form below:

  • Your discord username with tag ( ex. Radicals#9690)
  • Your Twitter username
  • Your telegram username
  • Tweet URL for the verification of rule number 5th & 6th
  • .lord account (the game username of our dragonfly game, the GEM tokens will be paid directly to your game account)

What are the rewards??😁

  1. The top 3 users who invited most members will receive an ultra-rare NFT limited version of Legends of Mitra game + 3rd Dragon “Jormungand” of our Dragonfly game on telos network + 5 GEM token per invite
  • *GEM is the telos token listed on newdex.io exchange*:
  • *to download our previous game join our server for more info*

NOTE: these are the rewards for the invitation contest, we will give away more of the limited edition NFT on our discord channel for early access users. So join our server if you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity.



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Legends Of Mitra

Legends Of Mitra


Mitra is a beautiful and powerful Kingdom with many natural resources. Because of its wealth and riches… bit.ly/3eEumpc bit.ly/3blKo5l