How to transfer your MITA between Binance chain (BSC) and Klaytn

  • Click the button that says “Transfer across the bridge”
  • Minimum transfer amount is 10 $MITA
  • The “Chain” field shows the network your wallet is connected to.
  • The “Address” field shows the address you are connected with.
  • The “Select Chain” field allows you to choose the network of the receiver’s address (Transferring to).
  • Enter / Paste the receiver’s address in the “Enter address” field.
  • Click “Continue”
  • The modal should change to “Transfer Confirmation”
  • Take note of the “Transfer fee” and “Amount you will receive”
  • If satisfied, click “Approve Transfer” to continue
  • Your wallet should open to request confirmation. If the wallet does not open automatically, just open the wallet manually and you will see a transaction requesting confirmation.
  • Click on Confirm in your wallet.
  • Close the notification modal and see your transfer history. The token should be in your new account.

- Hurray!



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