How to stake your MITA on Klaytn Network

  • Get some $MITA tokens in your wallet on the Klaytn network. To create a Klaytn account, download & install the Kaikas chrome extension. Click here
  • If your $MITA is on BSC, transfer it via our bridge to Klaytn. Here is a guide for this.
  • Buy some Klaytn token (KLAY) and deposit in your Klaytn Wallet for gas fees. Gas fees are very cheap on Klaytn so you don’t need much. Buy on Binance
  • Head over to our website ->
  • Click “Connect wallet” to login with your Wallet.
  • The wallet you connect must be on Klaytn network.
  • From the navigation bar click on the “Staking” menu
  • Click on the Stake button
  • A “Staking” modal would pop up, you would be able to see your $MITA balance and input fields
  • Enter the amount you would like to stake, please note the minimum staking amount is 1000 $MITA
  • Select a duration between (3, 6, 12 months). There are different APRs depending on the number of months you go for.
  • If you stake for 6 or 12 months, you also win surprise gift boxes every 90 days.
  • Click “Stake” to start staking. The modal should change to “Staking Confirmation”
  • Review your staking details, if satisfied, click “Approve staking” to continue
  • Your wallet should open to request confirmation. If the wallet does not open automatically, just open the wallet manually and you will see a transaction requesting confirmation.
  • Confirm in your wallet.
  • After a few seconds, your wallet will open again for final confirmation.
  • Confirm the staking
  • After a few seconds, your stake should be successful! Close the notification modal and see your stake.



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