Angry Warlord game coming soon to Telos Blockchain

With the support from the Telos worker proposal system (Telos Works) and the Telos community, we will soon be launching A fun and amazing game that will reward players with real cryptocurrency while they play the game.

Angry Warlord is a casual, fan playing game that tells a historical story. It challenges you to complete as many levels as you can in a vibrant, unusual world where you are supposed to ride your Rhino to destroy and defeat the enemy. You are The Rhino Guardian and you unleash your revenge upon the beast that is destroying your city.

The Angry Warlord game is one of the many games 233 Labs will be releasing. Our mission is to build fun playing games that reward its players with real money in the form of digital currency.

We will be introducing our own basic consensus algorithm, POA (Proof of Achievement), which we will learn from and improve it with time. This algorithm will basically allow players to earn rewards and be paid for playing 233 Labs games such as Angry Warlord. The reward pool will be funded through different activities such as in-game ads... We got a lot of inspiration from this book (most importantly page 125~ ) when designing our POA.

If you will like to follow our progress our get our airdrop token, join us on Telegram, you can also download the current version of the game here, this version does not pay you to play.

To learn more about Telos, join the Telos community on Telegram

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