Legends Of Mitra

Step 1

Install MetaMask & Create an Account. If you already have MetaMask installed you can skip this step.

Step 2

Click and add a new network on MetaMask

Step 3

Add the Klaytn Network by manually entering the following details. We recommend you copy-paste the details instead of typing.

Klaytn ( KLAY ) Network Details :

Network Name: Klaytn Mainnet

Network URL:https://public-node-api.klaytnapi.com/v1/cypress

Chain ID: 8217

Currency Symbol: KLAY

Block Explorer URL: https://scope.klaytn.com

After copy-pasting the above details, you need to click Save.

It will automatically be added and changed on your MetaMask Network.



Legends Of Mitra

Legends Of Mitra

Mitra is a beautiful and powerful Kingdom with many natural resources. Because of its wealth and riches… bit.ly/3eEumpc bit.ly/3blKo5l