Are you an NFT miner? a blockchain gamer, an ultra-rare NFT collector? addict to the strategic tower defense game? or ready to show who you really are? Then Gem Studios bring you up with a new game on WAX, ALGORAND, and TELOS blockchain, and to celebrate this EPIC game release we announce a big invitation contest to be held starting from 17th May 2021; 00:00 GMT to 1st of July 2021; 00:00 GMT.

This will be your chance to win some ultra-rare NFT’s by inviting more and more users to our Discord server.


Mitra is a lost kingdom, drifting in time and yearning to remember its past. You are its fallen monarch, trying to return your land to its former glory…and to discover the origin of the curse that befell your people.

Royal mages toil at the tower Mnemosyne — the daunting structure built as a conduit of magic — spending every waking moment trying to recollect fragments of the past by channeling the aether.

However, danger lurks just beyond the tattered ramparts — The Oblivion Horde marches forward, hungry to tear Mnemosyne to the ground and feast on the collected memories.


At Gemslab we have moved our community from Telegram to Discord as we grow to help us engage more with the community and grow together.

We also have a new ranking system on our server, the more people you invite into the community the higher your privileges on the server and the more bounty GEMs you will earn.

Every 10mins we reward gamers who are playing any of our games with GEM minted freshly from the Total Supply.

We calculate reward base on a number of factors

Gemslab recently partnered with to add GEM token to their platform.

Read more about the announcement from here and win some free GEMs is a social gaming platform that allow gamers to bet with crypto currency. GEM (EOS) token recently was added to the list of tokens you can now swap for Dice and use on the platform.

Check out and swap some (EOS) GEM and start gambling :)

Hello gamers, we have partnered with and we are happy to mention that you can now swap your GEM (Telos) token for GEM peg on EOS.

You can use this swap feature to swap your GEM(EOS) tokens for GEM(Telos) and send it into any of our games to buy in game items. Click here to start swapping.

At Gemslab our goal is to build blockchain games for non-blockchain gamers and we have once again released another game on called Dragon Fly.

For all those who played Angry Warlord you will know how fun it is to play our games. Dragon Fly brings you to the world of dragons where you have to fly your Dragon around and land on Magic circles to to earn GEMs.

GEMs can be traded on Newdex decentralized exchange.

**Download links!!!

🚀🚀 Download on Playstore :
🚀🚀 Download on Appstore :

🚀🚀 Join our Airdrop and get more free GEMs:

With the support from the Telos worker proposal system (Telos Works) and the Telos community, we will soon be launching A fun and amazing game that will reward players with real cryptocurrency while they play the game.

Angry Warlord is a casual, fan playing game that tells a historical story. It challenges you to complete as many levels as you can in a vibrant, unusual world where you are supposed to ride your Rhino to destroy and defeat the enemy. You are The Rhino Guardian and you unleash your revenge upon the beast that is destroying your city.


Legends Of Mitra

Mitra is a beautiful and powerful Kingdom with many natural resources. Because of its wealth and riches…

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